Multi-family Solutions

Think of Intelligent Controlled Access as your “Invisible Doorman”, who will identify anyone who is standing at the door, make an informed decision whether to allow entrance, verify guests or transfer them to a monitoring station representative for assistance.  Intelligent Controlled Access allows entry points in residential high rises, town houses…

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Commercial Solutions

From corporate espionage to employee theft, security is extremely important in business, whether it is a retail store, corporate offices or manufacturing.Certain areas must have restricted access and it is critical that identity is determined before access is granted.  Businesses need to have full control of access to many entry…

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Beyond Access Control & Security Systems

Intelligent Controlled Access is a combination of doorman, concierge, access control, intercom, identity management, lifestyle enhancement and much more. It’s like having a guard at every entry point. It’s more secure than thumb print and retina scan and more cost effective than paid security guards. Beyond the technology, there is…

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No Key, No Card, No Code… You Are the Key!®

A fusion of technologies, Intelligent Controlled Access combines 2nd Generation Biometrics, Facial & Voice Recognition, and In-Motion Identification in one complete, intelligent system – security, access control, identity management, and event log software. Cognitive Entry Systems Recognizes: ▪ The way you look (Facial Recognition) ▪ The way you talk (Voice…

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Emergency Service

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Add a security system or monitoring to your home or business.

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