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Think of Intelligent Controlled Access as your “Invisible Doorman”, who will identify anyone who is standing at the door, make an informed decision whether to allow entrance, verify guests or transfer them to a monitoring station representative for assistance. 

Intelligent Controlled Access allows entry points in residential high rises, town houses and affordable living projects to know you, recognize you, speak with you in your language, and let you in. 

Using state of the art technologies Intelligent Controlled Access is a simple, convenient and In Motion Identification system that allows residents as well as their approved visitors and service providers to simply and conveniently enter the building through a fusion of biometric recognition, voice and license plate recognition.

You’ll never have to worry about leaving your key or card home or forgetting your PIN number. With Intelligent Controlled Access, You are the key! ®

How Intelligent Controlled Access Works

Using Intelligent Controlled Access couldn’t be easier. Simply look in the direction of the camera while you are walking toward the building entrance and the door will open.

If you forget to look up, or your face and eyes are covered by a hat or glasses, the camera may not recognize you, the system’s intercom will ask for your name and apartment number. Speak in the same way you spoke when you enrolled in the system. For example say: John Smith, Apartment 2C.

Once the system recognizes your name and voice, the door will open.

Expecting Company?

Intelligent Controlled Access is designed to handle various types of visitors. If possible, register your guests ahead of time by filling out a form or informing the monitoring station/gate house.

Guests will be requested to say their name and who they are visiting. The information will then be verified. You might want to tell them about Intelligent Controlled Access to prepare them for this new experience. Not at home? Don’t worry, you can speak to your guest through your cell phone and even let them in.

In the case of an unregistered guest or service provider, Intelligent Controlled Access will ask them their name, who they are visiting and the purpose of the visit. You will then be contacted for further instructions. In the case of unregistered guests, delivery services or any unrecognized visitor, a representative from the monitoring station/gate house will provide further assistance.

Not at Home?

If you are not in the building, the system lets you know through your mobile phone. You can then speak to the person directly and even let them in remotely.


  • Convenience – no key, no card (including children who don’t need keys or cards and may lose them)
  • Pride  – your building will have the latest technology
  • Image – Enjoy a high standard of living
  • Security – letting the right people in and keeping the wrong people out
  • Amenity – a new and special amenity to improve your lifestyle
  • Investment – your apartment will be worth more

Intelligent Controlled Access is modernizing the way people enter into residential buildings of the 21st century. Welcome home!

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